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99 Services offers a wide range of services for foreigners.

99 Services offers a wide range of services for foreigners.

99 Services and DT (Discount Travel) is a one-stop place to go for all the various day-to-day services that you may need during your...
Pattaya continues to boom

Pattaya continues to boom

For many expats who have made Pattaya their home away from home for more than 15 years, the changes to the resort have probably...

How to bring the “FUN” back into sexual FUNction?

How to bring the “FUN” back into sexual FUNction? One unfortunate truth about an aging man is: as his age increases, his sexual function invariably...
Magna Carta Law Office Renovations Complete

Magna Carta Law Office Renovations Complete

Located on South Pattaya Road, near the junction with Third Road, the Magna Carta Co., Ltd has been a feature of the landscape since before the turn of the century. The entire building has recently undergone a major renovation to accommodate the growing number of the Magna Carta Team and clientele, as well as to give room for the new business ventures under the Magna Carta Group of Companies.

The Pattaya Business Supplement is leading the way as Print Advertising is set to...

Imagine you are sitting in your favourite bar, restaurant or coffee shop and you pick up a copy of the Pattaya Business Supplement. As you’re reading an article your eyes are drawn to an advertisement. The product or service promoted in the advert piques your interest.

CTLS continues to grow in stature

CTLS Language School recently received its third national school of excellence award in the past three years. It is also a recommended school for the Asian Awards.

Planning, Supplying, & Building the Eastern Seaboard’s Recreational Infrastructure

Sports Engineering And Recreation Asia Ltd, specializes in the design, development, and installation of international standard sports, recreation, and fitness facilities.

ATS Real Estate Upbeat on the Pattaya Property Front

Asia Trading Services, better known as ATS Real Estate, is a company whose success can be put down to the way that it strives to offer the best real estate service for buyers, renters, investors and property owners. They have a small but dedicated team who understand the value of genuine customer service and are always on the lookout for great deals. ATS Real Estate have built up a large database of buyers and renters from all over Thailand and they believe they are always in a good position to be able to match a for-sale property with a customer looking to buy.

Moom Talay and Toscana, arguably the ‘best in class’ in Pattaya

Located side-by-side on Beach Road, about 100 metres south of Soi 6/1, and alongside the Tropicana Hotel (where, it should be noted, guests for the two eateries can park for free: just obtain a ticket from the security guard at the gate, and this will be validated by the cashier when you pay your bill) Toscana and Moom Talay open from midday until midnight.

Key Visa Removes the UK & Irish Passport Renewal Hassles

One of the more onerous tasks expatriates have to undertake when living for a long period in a country like Thailand is the renewal of their passport. It is a task which involves a great deal of filling in forms and obtaining confirmation signatures and then spending time and energy attending the embassy.

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